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Thread: I'm Really new...

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    I'm Really new...

    I'm really new at maya, dmm and everything and i cant seem to get this step figured out:
    Select the Load and AutoLoad checkboxes in Maya's Plugin Editor for the "" file (located at the end of the list)
    where are the load and autoload checkboxes? where's the plugin editor? please help

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    Re: I'm Really new...

    Go to the "Window" menu item in the main toolbar at the top of the Maya window, select the "Settings/Preferences" submenu and then the "Plug-in Manager" within that. You will see all the plug-ins and check boxes next to them. "Loaded and "Auto load" are your two options. Loaded loads right away, and "Auto load" loads the plug-in every time you run Maya.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: I'm Really new...

    thanks, now im even more confused though, i cant figure out what the tools are and how to use them

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    Re: I'm Really new...

    There are a couple of tutorials in the support section of the website and in the forum.
    They do consider that you know how to use maya though... So you might want to try out a few basic maya tutorials first.

    The User Guide in the DMM Help menu might be useful too.

    Good luck and have fun with DMM!


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