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Thread: HASP SRM problem

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    HASP SRM problem


    before i could insert the activation key i got a message while opening maya about an HASP vendor library was not found.
    I've unistalled both, maya and dmm plugin, and now when reinstalling the dmm plugin i'm gettinr this message:

    "V2C Error: vendor lib for the initial update is not installed
    ErrorCode: 37 0 4088 48"

    and the same problem about the vendor library appears when opening maya...



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    Re: HASP SRM problem

    Hi there!

    I think the problem was related to my C: drive, because i had to get a new one this weekend. Now, Maya and the DMM plugin works smoothly

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    Re: HASP SRM problem

    Great news!
    Getting the plugin ready!

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