Hello and thanks to DMM creators. At first, sorry for my english - it's not my native language.

I have an issue with installing DMM beta plugin. I downloaded it for free here, and, as I understand, I can use it for an unlimited time period. But after installation I can't launch plugin.

When I turn on "Loaded" near DmmPlugin.py, my computer thinks for a little and then "Hasp SRM Protection system" window appears, where "Feature has Expired (H0041)" is written.

If I launch directly dmm_cinematic.mll or dmm_release.mll, it says the same.

Anyway, if then I try to use any DMM feature (for example, dmmCreatePrimitive from the shelf) - I have this in my script editor: "# RuntimeError: Unknown object type: DMMScene".

Here are my system details:
Windows - xp sp2
Processor - x86 (32 bit) single-core
Antivirus - Avira AntiVir Personal (free)
Maya - 2008 sp1 (regular, not PLE)
DMM Shelf was successfully created