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Thread: DMM Plug-In Golden - Congratulations

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    DMM Plug-In Golden - Congratulations

    Well done guys. Also good to see a great value price listed.

    Is there a change log available for beta vs. full release?


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    Re: DMM Plug-In Golden - Congratulations

    Thank you Breaker!

    Here is the list of changes that comes with the downloadable zip file:

    Plugin for Maya v1.0.1 list of changes.
    Changes since "beta 1.0":
        * Autotet is available but disable by default
        * Surftet with 2 triangles is now working
        * Some fixes and improvements to prepareMesh, meshverify and splinterizer.
        * Cleaned up some error/warning messages
        * Removed limitation on the surface mesh for non-splintered objects regarding internal cavities
        * Added a new sample
        * The Asset Manager now list the connected Glue Regions and Maya Forces, display mass and volume and have a check box to prevent the tools from updating
        * The Asset Manager now display an exclamation mark when Surface Mesh is not clipped but material toughness not 0
        * Turned off more attributes to have the regions to not render
        * Fixed bug in surftri AETemplate (area param was sometime greyed out)
        * New options for "Verify Polymesh"
        * New options for "Create Splinters from Image..."
        * Added an option box to select the values of Area, Quality and Magnitude(X, Y, Z) used when creating a DMM Object
        * Added new menu items to edit several objects at once, commands are "Change Triangulation Parameters...", "Save Clipped Mesh in Scene File", "Change Glue Region Parameters..."
        * New command "Extract Output Shapes" to extract the simulated tet mesh and the Output Surface Mesh from a DMM Object
        * Added new attribute "tetFlags" to the DmmObjectNode to help generate events (ex: particles) when an object breaks
        * Changed default material (youngs = 8e5, toughness = 2e5)
        * Force splitLimit to max in cinematic mode
        * Change how fracture is handled so to not have dangling tetrahedron
        * Fixed "Duplicate Asset" to work with a lot of objects at once
        * Minimum for Youngs is 1000
        * Added "Wait on Update" and "Don't Wait on Update" menu items (in Edit DMM menu)
        * Fixed various bugs
        * Command line switches to force installation in default Maya folder
        * Run the HASP installer asynchronously
        * Added premade joints to the DMM Libraries
        * Added a .bat file to manually re-install drivers
    Getting the plugin ready!

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    Re: DMM Plug-In Golden - Congratulations

    Excellent - thanks.

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    Re: DMM Plug-In Golden - Congratulations

    Now that thay finished the plugin (its an awsome price by the way) they can finish up the veiwer

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