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Thread: Vertex positions of the "DMM Passive Tet Mesh"

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    Vertex positions of the "DMM Passive Tet Mesh"

    In the DMM documentation under the heading 'Combining DMM Simulation with Maya Animation' you state the following:

    For advanced animation the vertex positions of the "DMM Passive Tet Mesh" can be animated. For instance a rod can be stretched by pulling both ends. An animal or person can be animated by animating a skeleton attached to inner DMM Passive tet vertices and the outer flesh can be left to simulate.

    It would be great to see an example of how to do this?


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    Re: Vertex positions of the "DMM Passive Tet Mesh"

    Hi Breaker,
    Thanks for pointing that out.
    To animate individual vertices of the tetrahedral mesh, you will have to use the Blind Data Editor.
    You can proceed as explained below:
    1) Select the DMM Object you want to animate
    2) Open the DMM Asset Manager
    3) Make the Driven Tet Mesh visible using the appropriate check box, and make the other meshes not visible
    4) Using the Asset Manager select the Driven Tet Mesh
    5) Open the Attribute Editor and "un-template" the mesh (see in Object Display section)
    6) Open the Blind Data Editor
    7) Select "2003"
    8) Change Assoc type from Face to Vertex
    9) Change driven to 1
    10) Clic on Paint Values
    11) Select the vertices you want to animate (we are going to make them passive)
    12) Close the Blind Data Editor
    13) Enable the Select Tool and then set Maya to Object selection
    14) Using the Attribute Editor, hide the Driven Tet Mesh
    16) Select the DMM Objec using the Outliner
    15) Using the Asset Manager, make the Output Surface Mesh visible
    16) Play the animation.
    There are a lot of steps here. We will improve that process in the future.
    You can now animate the passive vertices.
    Getting the plugin ready!

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    Re: Vertex positions of the "DMM Passive Tet Mesh"

    That's great. Thank you very much for the work through.

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