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Thread: Breakable floor

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    Breakable floor

    Hi All,

    I am currently in the process of trying to make a breakable floor that will leave a creater behind once it has been blasted from a blaster or grenade attack.

    Currently i have a passive cubed floor with a breakable flat cubed floor lying directly on top.
    When i start the simulation the breakable floor starts to break apart and chuncks go flying upwards before they start to settle down on the passive underlying ground.
    My question is once I import the geometry into unreal engine will the breakable floor only break once it has been hit by a laser blast or another piece of DMM or will it do the exact same thing that it is doing in maya.

    Hope that this explanation has been enough.
    any help will be greatly appreciated

    Ben W

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    Re: Breakable floor

    Ok corret me if Iam wrontg but using a combination of passive regions to encapsulate my floor section and by adjusting the density and toughness in the DMM material attr I have managed to get the floor to settle and only explode in the section where the cube that i drop on it hits.
    I also altered the youngs stifness and damp.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Ben W

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    Re: Breakable floor

    It would be great to see a playblast of your scene.

    I just did a very quick test that you can see here (playblast). I'm not sure if that's the kind of thing you are going for. (Of course it needs alot of tweaking to get things right, I just did this in 5 minutes).

    I used one floor and put a passive region overlapping the bottom part. Therefore, the top part of the floor still is simulated. I then modified the material settings for the floor. Basically you should play around with the Yield, Max Yield and Creep parameters (they control the plastic deformation) to get a crater. I started with asphalt and modified the Youngs to 5000000, Toughness to 9000, Yield to 0.03, Max Yield to 0.53 and Creep to 0.97.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: Breakable floor

    Hi clem,

    many thanks for your response.

    I have included a playblast , and will try some of your settings with respect to the plastic deformation settings. The modular floor panels are for a circular room, so the components just rotate into place in unreal.that is the plan.

    much appreciated for the render showing me the use of a passive region at the base of your floor component, possibly a way to export to engine perhaps depending on the requirements of collision export and the DMM export for unreal. this is somthing I have neaver completed before.


    Ben W

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