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Thread: Baking animation?

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    Baking animation?

    I know you can create a cache file for easy playback and to export the animation data. But is there a way to bake the simulation into frames? or way to manipulate simulation with graph editor? just was wondering.

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    Re: Baking animation?

    we would LOVE to see this functionality!!

    baked meshes with visibility keys to control when they are seen...

    Thinking Particles does this and is able to export geometry with changing topologies by creating new instances of the geometry when it breaks apart and then automatically adds a visibility keyframe to control when it is seen...

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    Re: Baking animation?

    It's a feature that we are currently investigating. I would be glad to hear what benefits you are foreseeing with such a feature.
    Getting the plugin ready!

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    Re: Baking animation?

    two issues:

    1. baking the animation into an animated mesh -- this would require splitting the tet meshes into unique objects and controlling their visibility to "on" when they are active and separated and "off" when they are part of someone else (another clump of tetsJ). Basically each clump of tets would be treated as a separate object and as new tets break away, that old big collection of tets "dies off" (by animating his visbility to zero), and a new bunch of tets are born (all the newly separated objects). We do this all the time with Thinking Particle's "Export" function when fragmenting objects... I can provide a video demo to Pixelux if desired.

    2. graph editor playback speed would be cool - for Matrix time-slowdown types of effects... just to control the playback speed with an animation graph...

    I'd vote for baking/exporting first.

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    Re: Baking animation?

    Thank you!
    Can you give more detail for #2? I want to be sure to understand what you are envisioning.
    Getting the plugin ready!

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    Re: Baking animation?


    sorry for the crazy-long delay in responding... middle of production here.

    a Playback Graph allows you to control the playback speed of cached animation. Imagine a function curve who starts at zero with a value of zero, and reaches one with a value of one -- this would be linear playback.

    Now add some bezier points and shape the curve -- this results in the cache playing back at different speeds... sometimes it will compress time and sometimes it will expand time -- this makes the cache playback faster or slower.

    this could be use to create a bullet-time effect, or to play a cache backwards, or have it slow down then speed up then slow down, etc.

    Not really a necessary thing but it could come in handy. We use it with 3dsmax's PointCache playback all the time...


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    Re: Baking animation?

    Thank you for the detailed explanation!
    Getting the plugin ready!

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    Re: Baking animation?

    I have seen this done with realflow. you can change the FPS, in essence it reduces the amount of calculation done between each frame. So the particle or rigid body's would move slower when played back at normal FPS.

    In reaflow I could double the FPS so that it would take twice as long for a object to travel the same distance as it would at 30 FPS.

    maybe add a speed value where the amount will just divide the calculation, and scale everything accordingly?

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    Re: Baking animation?

    I would like to export DMM animations/simlations to softimage. baking would allow that, right?
    Also is there someway to export the simlation to softimage atm? We thought about using PointOven plug-in for exporting,but haven't got the chance to test it yet. I not very confident it will work though

    Amazing plug-in, thanks!

    btw. if there is a way to get the animation to softimage, we'll use dmm in small movie production.

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    The ability to retime the cached DMM simulation would be invaluable for things like explosions, bullet time and just general art direction. Most times large scale destructions happen in multiple cameras..Producers like to cut them up and slow or speed things up if this could be done without a resim that would be a HUGE time saver


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