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Thread: Frag by Light or Map?

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    Frag by Light or Map?

    I checked the docs but must have missed anything about telling the fragmentation to start at certain locations (either due to light or map/mask threshold)... is this already possible?


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    Re: Frag by Light or Map?

    There is currently no way to "force" DMM to start the fragmentation at certain location, other than applying the necessary forces to make it happen (which can be done using Maya forces or throwing a DMM object).
    What do you mean by having lights to create fragmentation?
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    Re: Frag by Light or Map?


    we'd love to use a greyscale map to control the strength of values... black for weak and white for strong.

    we use Thinking Particles in 3dsmax and it allows us to use a light to control where an object fragments. When the object surface receives enough light intensity then fragments will break off. I'm thinking we could do something similar with DMM to control which tets break... but the map control would probably be better...

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    Re: Frag by Light or Map?

    This is clearly not possible at the moment, but we plan to add multi-material support to DMM Objects. That would be a first step.
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    Re: Frag by Light or Map?

    gotcha, thanks, zilhk -- hopefully possible in the not-to-distant future...

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