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Thread: Cache Mode

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    Cache Mode

    Quite like the syflex plugin in fact .

    When a license is not found ,the plugin turn in Cache mode.

    In Cache Mode , simulation is not possible anymore , you're only able to read caches .

    Pretty useful if you want to render on a renderfarm , or just to push it through a pipeline to work with some other fx guys ( fluids / cloth ) at the same time without having them using a license for nothing .

    It's a bit against your goal , the more licenses you sell , the happier you'll be
    but it will also mean that people will only buy the number of licenses they need , it will be efficient and logic . And you'll have happy customers

    just my 2 cents


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    Re: Cache Mode

    Thanks for the suggestion. It's certainly a good idea and we will think about it. We haven't taken any decision regarding render farms yet.
    Getting the plugin ready!

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