I am simply just requesting a program that would let people make objects, tune the DMM settings and have fun. It is probably a big hassle asking for it to be free but of course if people were just playing around with it there would be no need for anyone to export the files into a usable format for people to make games.

I do understand that there is a Plugin for Maya, but what I specifically mean is literally probably a sandbox based application. Like Endorphin, but a Character is not needed provided that if you give us the tools we could maybe create one ourselves anyway. Sure it'd be a ragdoll (maybe) but it would still be fun, and I guarantee you that more people would be more interested in DMM. This is how Endorphin got popular from what I see.

In the end it seems everyone should be happy.

Too show the support I am posting this thread after 12:00 midnight and I just told people to come here, register and show their support. I am guessing over 10 alone should arise tonight.

Note: I am the one of the Natural Motion moderators. I am just saying that so that this does not seem weird. This edit probably adds more weirdness. Hopefully some humor. : D