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  1. Thanks a lot, Vik. This is gold for a dense...

    Thanks a lot, Vik. This is gold for a dense artist like myself! :)
    Now all I've got to do is get this printed out and "internalized". lol Expect to see some unusual simulations from me. ;)

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    From what I can gather, there's currently no...

    From what I can gather, there's currently no option to float a license. Meaning you'll have to get another license for another machine.
    I'm in the same boat btw, and just made my 2nd purchase. Being...
  3. Thanks for the reply, Vik. I had already read...

    Thanks for the reply, Vik.

    I had already read through that doc. While it cleared some things up, much remained unclear for me, hence my above request. I don't really need a full tutorial, only a...
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    Paintable Material Attributes

    As far as I know, real-world objects rarely have uniform structural integrity. Aside from the reality-factor, being able to paint material attribute changes in specific regions would allow for better...
  5. Simple Explanation Of All Material Attributes?

    My biggest problem is not really understanding some/most of the material parameters, since I am hardly a very physics-oriented artist. Can anyone explain them to me in simple wordings with...
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    Paint Density Region

    How about, if at all possible, allow to pre-paint desired density regions on a polymesh before and/or after converting it into a DMM object?

    Currently I am having trouble controlling the spread...
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    Cannon / Catapult

    I think something like a "cannon/catapult"-feature that allows to set something like ie muzzle velocity and "distance-fired- from" to fire off a projectile from any given point in the scene would be...
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    Layered Materials

    Hi there!

    how about adding something that allows to quickly and easily layer materials and define their thickness to create something like ia a golf ball with a softer interior and a harder, very...
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