Maya 2013 build sent to Autodesk

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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that we completed all the testing and integration for all three platforms of the DMM plugin for Maya 2013 and have sent it off to Autodesk to be packaged and distributed. This version will still be tet-limited, but for everyone that has purchased it, there will not be any upgrade fee.

A couple of caveats:

1) The plugin now has a manual license installation mode. This allows you to install the license we send you when you purchase the full version without having to access our license server. I mention this because we have updated the license server and it currently doesn't have all the licenses on it, so you will have to consult your purchase email to enter the license code via the manual entry option. All new purchase for the Maya 2013 build will be available via the license server for automatic installation. The other reason we added manual installation is to allow people who have firewalls blocking access to our license server to install the plugin without problems.

2) If you make a mistake in entering the license code manually, you can type the following command in the Maya MEL command window to unset the license variable to allow re-entry of the code via the DMM Help license window:

optionVar -rm dmmLicenseKey;

3) Alembic support works on the DMM Cache just as it does on any other cache. You can save the entire DMM cache using the Alembic export in the "Pipeline Cache" option in the Maya 2013 menu.

4) We have greatly simplified the purchase process. You can buy the unlimited Tet version of the plugin on our site at: Purchases are done using Paypal and all you need is your DMM Machine ID which you can get from the DMM Help menu or by typing the following command into the MEL command window:


I will post when the installers for the builds are available for download.


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