View Full Version : Official Tutorial #6: Using splinters

09-08-2008, 06:12 AM
Using splinters

The default fracture geometry follows the Tet Mesh's tetrahedrons. This means that the object will break along it's tetrahedrons' edges. This is fine for crystalline materials but not for wood or bricks for instance. By attaching Splinter Cages to a DMM object, you can control it's fracture geometry.

A library of Splinter Cages is provided with the DMM plug-in. You can also create your own Splinter Cage from a 2D texture map.

In this tutorial you will:

Transform the concrete wall constructed in tutorial 5 into a brick wall and attach to it the brick wall Splinter Cage provided in the library
Create a new Splinter Cage from the 2D texture map which you will also use on the brick wall's Maya material and apply it to the brick wall